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Tia Falcone Fitness

Barbara Tremiti

Syracuse, New York

I am a client of Tia's as well as a certified personal trainer and have worked with other trainers in the past. So, I am no stranger to the very important world of physical fitness!

I would be remiss if I did not comment on Tia as a personal trainer. Simply stated, Tia is one of the most knowledgable and motivating trainers I have had the pleasure of working with! She has extraordinary abilities to observe you and your technique while thinking of a number of alternative exercises that may suit you better. She can gauge your strength in terms of choosing the correct weight to be lifted and has an uncanny memory of what exercises you have performed with the most recent amount of weights and what type of tools you have used (ex: free weights, resistance bands, the balls, barbell weights, or the Smith machine)! 

There is no question, regarding fitness, that Tia can not answer! She even has a flawless food program that is so important to follow while you train with her or not! Her attitude is always upbeat even when she has had less than a desirable amount of sleep! And, there is not anything Tia would not do for you to help you with your goals, no matter what they are. In closing, if you know of anyone who needs personal training (and who doesn't?)--I urge you to seek out this wonderful lady and trainer to help and possibly change someone's life forever!

Very Fondly,

Barb Tremiti

Glasza Pytlak

Syracuse, New York

Over the last 6 years I realized that I was slowly gaining weight and becoming more and more unhealthy. I lead a very busy lifestyle and always figured I was moving enough and my eating habits hadn't really changed from my thinner days. On February 16th of this year I weighed in at 202 lbs., at 4'10 I was considered extremely obese.

I was horrified! I was 40 lbs larger then I was when I gave birth to my son in 2006 and I was 65 lbs. larger then I was before my pregnancy. That night I joined a diet plan and the next day I started to go to the gym. At first I only did 15 minutes on the elliptical and whatever strength machines I felt like doing in no particular order. I worked hard and started to see some results but the gym confused me. I wasn't sure what machines to use how much weight I should set the machine to or even if I was positioned on them correctly. Free weights were something that seemed scary and foreign to me. I knew that I needed to do strength training as well as cardio but I didn't know why or how much of each I needed.

The gym I go to offers some consultation's with a trainer and that's how I met Tia. Tia is AMAZING! She was patient with all my questions and she spent an hour and a half showing me a workout on the machines that worked for me! I followed the plan and I lost more weight. I had now lost 20 pounds and I hit a plateau.

I am on a tight budget and I never dreamed that I would actually be able to work with a personal trainer I always thought personal trainers were reserved for people who can afford luxuries. Tia sat down with me and told me that as long as I worked hard she would work with me on the budget that I could afford. I have since then lost another 20 lbs. I'm using free weights, I have an upper and lower body workout that works for me and I now know how much cardio to do in order to loose weight. I'm also off of the diet plan and on Tia's eating plan.

I feel great and I look great! I've learned so much about myself through this journey and with Tia's encouragement. I know that this is a lifetime change and not just a quick fix. Tia makes me feel like we are a team working toward a goal. I still have another 30 pounds to lose but I am confident and am gaining muscle thanks to Tia.

Thank You Tia! 

Nick Vasenelli

Syracuse, New York

Tia is knowledgable beyond the scope of simply planning out your path to your recovery! She learns about you, the person, and what makes you tick and motivates you. You will be rewarded if you choose her by furthering your life and well being--not to mention your families well being. You will be forever recharged due to Tia's zest for life and her ability to cut to the core of the problem. She will then zero in on the cure. Do yourself a big favor and take the consulation! You will never look back again.

I have known this woman for over 30 years and all I can say is she is 10 TONS of dynamite in a 5-foot package! Whether it be Triple T, Tia the Terrific, Tia the Tornado, Trampled by Tia, Tortured by Tia, Tia the Terrible, Trashed by Tia, or Totalled by Tia--I say pick any one of them because she's amazing at it all! You honestly won't be dissapointed with this lady!

Tia, you are phenomenal!


Syracuse, New York

I started working out with Tia at a time in my life when I was going through a lot of changes. She not only helped me meet my exercise goals and educated me about nutrition, but she helped build my confidence. I saw positive changes in terms of body fat percentage, strength, and self-esteem. Tia is an expert in health and fitness, and she pays attention to things that affect your progress such as mood and energy. I am so thankful for her positive influence in my life.